10.12.09. We expect puppies at January 2010

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Europe trip.

    Our trip began witht collecting all the documents and visas. I and my daughter Dariya go to Kaliningrad by train. We start our trip across Europa with company Nataliya Burluzkaya .

I would like to tell a thank you for the warm reception to Nataliya's mother and to Nataliya's grandmother.


We are in Poland! 

    We spent the night in the manor "Maciejówka" near Opalene. It is the ideal place for traveling with a dog.

Web site "Maciejówka"

  Boss of manor "Maciejówka" participates in historic processions.


  Dariya is happy!

On the return way we all rode on horseback . This was her first independent trip on horseback.

  new meeting...

Photo for memory ...

  We visited Dinosaur Park (Poland)     foto

 Wroclaw (city of Poland) greeted us with a rainbow ...

Wroclaw is located on the twelve islands, which are connected by bridges

A bronze gnomes everywhere.

  The fair ...

The next destination is Prague.   





Prague is an extraordinary city.  I would like return here many times, each time finding something new...

Old town center - Old Town Square. hurch of St. Nicholas, the towers of the Cathedral of Mary (Adam and Eve)
At the Old Town Hall located the famous astronomical clock, which have become hallmark of the city.

The castle at night

Trdelnik is  traditional food

Charles Bridge. The most famous stone bridge in Europe.

We decided to make a river trip.

We went to the Petrzhinskii' hill . Here is an observation tower - a small copy of Eiffel.

We wanted to get by cable car, but it did not work.We went to the hill itself. It was worth it! Overview stunning!


Prague Castle is the most extensive castle complex in the world. Cathedral of St. Witt is the heart of Prague Castle.

Palace gardens are located on the southern slopes.


The next destination is Vienna



Vienna is connected with the names of many great composers Gaidn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms ...


Spanish Riding School evidence that the horses were an important part of life in Vienna.




Vienna wheel is the symbol of Vienna ...

St. Stephen  is a symbol of Vienna, and St. Stephen - the patron saint of the capital of Austria. Cathedral of more than 800 years. Cathedral acting. We were lucky we got to the concert of organ music.




City Palace

Slovakia ...

 foothill landscapes