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Our walks





    Our trip to Belarus was very interesting. We found new friends.

      I and Nika, Iya and Gabi, Natasha and Asya. (left to right)

Our dogs had run in park with pleasure.


We were on the Moscow river.

We had a very good time.

  There are many boats on Moscow river.


Nika walks free.

Nika's character is very calm, so she  plays with the different dogs often.

Nika and Mik

Ivan and Nika.


We visited our friends. They live in the country house. They are breeders of cats ("Maine coons"), but they have two dogs. Their names are Tim and Joya. Tim had appear in this winter. He had a broken paw. Our friends cured him and Tim became a member of their family.

Tim looks to the game of two girls.

Nika and Joya

Joya and Ivan


We go to the forests and to the fields often. Nika runs with pleasure there.







There are many cars at the Moscow's roads. We ride bypass roads often.

My husband likes adventure and he arranges testing his car often.



We came to my parents' country house.


There are Nika and a cat near our house.


My family likes to sledge. We go to the Foxe mountain at Balashicha. We sledge there.

I like the winter landscapes. Everything around look so beautiful covered with ice and snow.

Nika walks with us with pleasure.



 (September 08)

Winter 08...

    Nika likes our trips. Freedom basenji to escape out. This is a fantastic spectacle...



Nika is sleeping, when we are coming home.

Nika dosn't like the hard frost. She likes go for a walk to the forest in winter.

the acrobats...

Nika with her new friends.


(Spring 07)

    Nika likes to run at the fields. She is happy in those moments.



( Summer 07)

We go to nature often .


  We cook grilled pieces of meet or of  chicken at the nature often. It is fast and tasty.


Nika likes speed... She is happy and it makes us happy. (Nika with her friends)