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basenji kennel basenji Takuini puppies  About us

    My name is Tatyana Kudinova. I live with my family in Reutov, which borders with Moscow, the capital of Russia.

    I have a family. My family consists of  five members: my husband Michael, daughter Daria (-98), son Ivan (-08) and I. Basenji Nika is a full member of our family.

     I am an engineer by education, but I am a housewife at the moment.

   My first dog was Carri of breed collie.

Carri and her brother  Elvis

 Carri 15 years old

    She was color of thricolor and becouse Nika looks like Carri  for me. She hadn't the pedigree.  She went to the Dogs Show's never.  She was best friend.

    When I first saw a basenji, I fell in love and decided, that we should buy a basenji!  It was a dog of my thoughts and my dream. Nika became a member of our family after a week, when I first saw the puppies of this breed.

    I am sure, basenji is my breed. I had received canine education in 2007.
    Kennel "Takuini" had registered the 20 of March 2008
(the certificate). The n
ame of kennel  "Takuini" comes from the initial syllables of our names: Tatyana (TA) Kudinova (KU) and (in Russian (I)) Nika (NI).

     You can look our life with Nika ,  under "Gallery"

    If you would like to ask about our basenji else, please don't hesitate to contact us. We shall be happy to answer all your questions !



  Tatyana Kudinova