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      Dogs show's results  

Date Judge itle
17.09.2006 Pirogova I.E. (Russia) exc., JCAC, BOS, Best Junior, CW, BOB, BIG1
23.09.2006 Baklushin G.V.


exc., JCAC, Best Junior, CW, BOB
30.09.2006 Vija Kluciniece   (Latvia) exc. 2, RCAC
21.10.2006 Ivanisheva V. (Russia) exc., JCAC, CW
20.01.2007 Zaturinsky M.A. (Kazakhstan) exc., JCAC, Best Junior, BOS, CW, BOB, BIG3
11.02.2007 Erwin Deutscher (Austria) exc., JCAC, CW
24.02.2007 Guido Vandoni (Italy) exc., JCAC, CW, , Best Junior
25.02.2007 Avi Marshak(Israel) exc., JCAC, CW
17.03.2007 Baklushin G.V.(Russia) exc., CAC, CW, BOS, RFOS Champion
18.03.2007 TIC .Z. (Russia) exc., CAC, CW, , , N Champion
18.03.2007 TIC .Z. (Russia) exc., CAC, CW, BOS, , BIG3, RFSS Champion
07.04.2007 Galiaskarov (Russia) exc., CAC, CW, BOS, , BIG3, RFSS Champion
12.05.2007 Bulelik N. (Belarus) exc., , I, CW, , IG3, RKF Champion
30.09.2007 Levente Miklos (Hungary)
exc., ,CW, I, RKF Champion
30.08.2008 Zvi Kupferberg (Israel) exc., , I, CW, , RKF Champion

Jean Lois Grunheid (France)

exc. 3
28.06.2009 Prozorov (Russia) exc.1, , CW, candidate of the champions club
29.08.2009 Georgi Schegol (Georgia) exc., ,CW, R.I, Belarusian Champion
30.08.2009 Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine) exc., ,CW, BOS, I, Belarusian Champion