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"Clicker training of  Mary Ray" (Moscow 16.06.07)

     Nika is a full member of our family 02 of April 2006. She was about 5 months old at that time.

    My breeder advised me General course of training. I  hadn't  enough experience of training at that time. I was wrong. General course of training is not for basenjis. Basenjis are very independent.

    I learned about clicker training later. The beauty of clicker training is that it works on all animals.

    The term "clicker training" was coined by Karen Pryor. The theory of positive reinforcement says, that rewarded behavior is to be more repeated behavior. It is a different way of thinking, that is pleasurable for both. Training in a controlled situation, that starts out easy, but gets more difficult.
Mary Ray had been in Moscow in June 07
. I visited this seminar with pleasure.

I had a lot of questions.

I received answers to many questions. I was happy.

I am sure, clicker training is the best for basenji!